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The department of Fine Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Opened since 1985, the CFI department accepts nearly 60 students each year.
ts objective : to train engineers in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering who are able to control the transformations of the matter, in terms of quality, cost, safety and environmental protection.
The CFI Department is a member of the Fédération Gay-Lussac (17 public or private French schools ensuring the training of chemists and chemical engineers towards an MSc).

General objectives

Chemistry is a very important sector in human activities in which very concrete and complex situations coexist . Professionals in charge of that sector  must have many qualities such as an acute sense of analysis , practical intelligence , ability to innovate , good communication skills and adaptability.Such abilities are  fostered in the   CFI Department whose aim is to train generalist  chemical  engineerswith  specific competences in one of the following sectors :
  • chemistry
  • chemical engineering
  • polymer materials
 Permanent emphasis is put on health , safety and the environment .


-         Trained to do research and thanks to their expertise in synthesis or analytical techniques , young chemical engineers  will be able to create active molecules or elaborate materials.

-         Trained to engineering science , they will make a name for themselves in chemical engineering because they know how to associate computing ,automatics and chemical engineering.

-         Trained to Human sciences and to economics , being able to speak several foreign languages , they will be highly qualified to animate a group and to have talks with specialists in all disciplines and coming from all countries .



Training is organized in course catalogues on a basis of 6 semesters :

  • 3rd year ( 5th and 6th semesters ) = Master M1 common core courses
  •  4th year ( 7th and 8th semesters  ) =common core and optional courses + study projects

  • 5th year  ( 9th and 10th semesters ) = optional courses +internship at the end of the year

There are 3  groups of course catalogues:

 -      Common core course catalogues : students will acquire and deepen  knowledge  in mathematics, computing signal  instrumentation and processing automatics , chemical engineering , analytic chemistry , organic chemistry , mineral chemistry , materials , polymers ,management and human sciences , 2 foreign languages ( English +German , Spanish or Japanese ), physical and sporting activities  and opening to the industrial world


-         Optional course catalogues : students will deepen initial training in 1 of the 3 options of the CFI Department ( fine chemistry ,chemical engineering , polymers ).    

-        Free course catalogues : students are invited  to personalize their university profile and course thanks to a supplementary  training ( whether scientific or not ) and  to course catalogues  based on  personal fulfilment ( personal project , final  year internship study projects ). Students  are also asked to acquire autonomy and professional experience.


   For further information  ,  see the course catalogues of  the CFI Department

Humanities courses : quite an asset !


 Management and Human sciences : economics , businesses organization systems , personal training , management , finance ,  marketing and quality .

  •  2 foreign languages  ( English +German or Spanish ) , practising languages in one 's professional life , in daily life + introductory courses on civilisation +preparation for the TOEIC .
  • Physical and sporting activities : endurance race  cycles and sport practising .
  • Courses stimulating personal initiative and opening to the business world.


Courses are organized in small TD groups and emphasis is put on personal work thanks to tutorship , mini projects , surveys and studie on technical   articles ,  publications and also thanks to study projects (360 hours ) or  final internship  –  or during the second year of  a  master for students who wish to do so  -  (800 hours ). New  Educative Technologies  are much used on that purpose.                                                                                                                                  

    Aid from laboratories is essential  to the activities of INSA's Junior Entreprise. Participation of professionals such as engineers , researchers , experts or administrators  during courses complement the trainings through professional openings to the industrial world.


Relationships with the industrial world


-  Laboratory internship in 3rd or 4th year (4 weeks minimum between July and august)
-  Final year internship of MSc studies (21 weeks minimum starting in February)


  International relations    

Final year industrial internships are managed by a dynamic service  and about 30% students take  place abroad ( EU ,Finland , the USA, Canada , Japan  )  .Various exchange programmes such as Erasmus or Crepuq enable  a certain number of students to do their final year abroad ( EUand  Canada ). The CFI Department also welcomes foreign students who come to France  to qualify as chemical engineers.

Département Chimie Fine et Ingénierie
INSA de Rouen -
B.P. 08 - Avenue de l'université
76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray CEDEX
tel : 33 [0] 2 32 95 66 79
Head office of the department: Philippe Jubault
Secretary: Axelle Truffert

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