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Services in chemical analysis

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The  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory in the COBRA (UMR 6014, CNRS, INSA Rouen and Rouen University) provides services in the field of chemical analysis using a very large analytical equipment park.

Our team brings together researchersand engineers who have a particularly high expertise in the field of chemical analysis. We are able to provide a quick response to your expectations in many areas, including multidisciplinary fields:

  •      Identification and / or assay of organic or mineral products in different matrix: water, solvents, sludge, polymers, air ...
  •      Study of the degradation products.
  •      Identification of non-compliance product.
  •      Extraction and structural identification of unknown (extractable, unknown impurities, strange smell ...). (especially preparative HPLC)
  •      Development and validation of analytical methods (HPLC, GC, IC, GC-MS, LC-MS, ...) and transfer of the method in your laboratory.
  •      Expertise in chemical analysis

Do not hesitate to contact us

Contact: stephane.marcotte @ Tel: +33(0)232956581

Examples of studies conducted in the laboratory on behalf of compagnies or organizations:

  •     Determination of the content of omega 3 and omega 6 in fatty fish, compared with dietary supplements and comparison of cooking methods.
  •     Assay diethanolamine and other amines by ion chromatography.
  •     Determination of residual solvents by gas chromatography head-space phase mode in inking rollers
  •     Identification of solvents in inks
  •     Determination of residual solvents in cleaning metal capsules by GC / FID / Head-space
  •     Separation by preparative HPLC and NMR identification of extractable unknown plastic.
  •     De-formulation of  products by NMR, HPLC-Mass, GC / Mass ...
  •     Determination of the content of toxic aldehydes in the smoke of incense
  •     Dosages of pollutants in the water of the Seine at Honfleur and Poses: COD, pH, NO3-, Cl-, SO42-, Cu, Fe, Pb, Cd, Zn by
  •     Determination of ethylene glycol and 2-chloroethanol in Medical Device
  •      Air analysis laboratory study of the content of various organic solvents by active sampling.
  •     Analysis of the air at the Museum of Natural History in Rouen (pesticide and formaldehyde in the air ...).
  •     Investigation of Pollution in BTEX Beauvoisine up in Rouen, changing levels of pollutants during a day
  •     Determining the composition of a spray using NMR, IR and GC-mass
  •     Dosage of sunscreens and preservatives in creams and lipstick (SPE, HPLC-DAD and GC-FID)
  •     Determination of heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Zn, Cu, Hg ..) in the soil and water
  •     Identification of non-ionic and anionic surfactants in detergents, surface ... ESI and MALDI-TOF
  •     Determination of anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants by colorimetry.
  •     Dosage of aldehydes in air by active sampling and HPLC / UV
  •     Dosage of essential oils (geraniol, linalool ...) by GC and GC-mass / FID in cosmetic preparations
  •     Determination of perchlorethylene, silicone D5, dibutoxymethane in water GC / FID / Head-space or GC/MS
  •     Dosage of hydrocarbons in water GC / FID / Head office.
  •     Determination of volatile solvents in water by GC / FID / Headspace.
  •     Identification of solvents and determination by GC / MS and GC / FID.
  •     Deformulation of detergents by IR, NMR, ESI-MS ...
  •     Dosage of metallic impurities Cr, Cu, Ti, Fe .. in aluminum or lead by mineralization and ICP AES.
  •     Dosages of metallic impurities in oils or fats or other mineral oil (esters, perfluorinated ...) by ICP AES.
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Stéphane Marcotte
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