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Aim: to understand the expectations of marketing in the prospect of a multidisciplinary work environment more particularly in project groups. To discover the profession of affairs engineer.

Objectives: to understand the market analysis, consumer’s psychology and sociology, demand analysis. To know marketing tools: marketing mix plan, strategic plan. To know the different marketing jobs: market analyst, affairs engineer.

1st topic: knowledge of the market

·          consumer’s individual behavior

·          consumer’s collective behavior

·          market analysis techniques

2nd topic: product politics

·          life cycle

·          range management

·          packaging

3rd topic: price politics

·          market influence

·          costs influence

·          price psychology

·          yield management

4th topic: retailing politics

·          retailing added value

·          retailing strategy

·          sale strength management

5th topic: communication politics

·          commercial communication

·          institutional communication

·          brand politics

6th topic: strategic marketing: diagnostic

·          environment diagnostic

·          intern diagnostic

7th topic: strategic marketing: choice

·          Boston Consulting Group model

·          Generic strategy

8th topic: economic intelligence

·          Competitive watch

·          Economic watch

Written examination.


MERCATOR : éditions Dalloz Lendrvie, Lévy, Lindon

MARKETING BUSINESS TO BUSINESS, éditions Pearson Education  Malaval, Bénaroya


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