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Compressors, turbines, exchangers, refrigeration systems … are elements that are often present in industrial processes. A real fluid undergoes various thermodynamic transformations. To tackle their study, we will use energetic diagrams of real fluids but for the calculation we will assimilate them  to perfect gases. However, we will show how fluids thermodynamics allows to calculate real fluid properties and energetic diagrams. On the other hand, we will link thermokinetics and industrial thermodynamics.

Real pure substance thermodynamics: energetic diagrams, industrial energetic basis; equations of state; corresponding states principle; liquid-steam equilibrium ; calculation of energetic properties.

Industrial thermodynamics: thermodynamics reminders, industrial energetic basis, fluids flow in tailpipes. ; apparatus calculation (compressors, refrigerant and motors cycles) ; analysis of energy waste by entropic end energetic balance ;energetic optimization of industrial units.

Written examination.

Thermodynamics an engineering approach – Yunus A.Cengel  - Michaël A. Boles

Thermodynamique  Fondements et Applications – J. Ph Perez – A. -M. Romulus

Résoudre un problème de thermodynamique (concours scientifiques) – J. Bergua – P. Goulley

Aide-mémoire Thermodynamique de l’ingénieur (Energétique – Environnement) – F. Meunier

Techniques de l’Ingénieur


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