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Training programs


The curriculum is organized into teaching units (UE) each made up of components EC ) on the basis of six semesters:

  • 3 years (semesters 5 and 6) = core teachings.
  • 4 years (semesters 7 and 8) = core teachings and research projects.
  • 5 years (semesters 9 and 10) = Specialization and final internship

The ECs, each corresponding to a volume of instruction (lectures, tutorials, practical and preceptorship) for 30 hours, are divided into four groups:

  • Common core EC (acquisition and deepening of general knowledge): mathematics, computer, instrumentation, signal processing, automatic, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials, polymers, management and social sciences, 2 foreign languages (English plus German, Spanish or Portuguese), physical activity and sport, open to the industrial world.
  • Optional EC: Specialization in one of three options the department CFI (fine chemistry, chemical engineering, polymers).
  • Free EC : customizing the profile and the curriculum with additional training or scientific unscientific.
  • EC of accomplishment (project staff, technical training, training engineer, project studies): acquisition of autonomy and professional experience.

Teaching is organized in small groups and the emphasis is on personal work through preceptorship, small projects, surveys and studies of technical articles and publications, as well as research  project (360 hours), final internship or graduation (Master for students who wish) (800 hours). 

Laboratories provide an essential support to the activities of the Junior Company of INSA. Participation of professionals (engineers, researchers, experts, managers ...) during the school complete training through an opening into the industry.


The humanities:

  • Management and social sciences: economics, organizational system of the company, human, management, finance, marketing and total quality.
  • Two foreign languages ​​(English plus German, Spanish): preparation for professional use everyday language and approach of civilization, TOEIC preparation.
  • Sport and physical activity: endurance cycle and practical disciplines.
  • Pedagogy initiatve stimulating personal and openness to the world of business

The research master

A strong interaction teaching / research: three centers of excellence

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